Structural Systems 


Wed 9.30-12.30 Room: 136A


Homework Topics

RC Tall Buildings

Steel Tall Buildings

RC Shell Structures


Felix Candela

Frank Lloyd Wright-Fallingwater

Steel Shell-Like Structures

2D Trusses for Large Spans

3D Trusses for Large Spans

Timber Structures for Large Spans (Glued, Laminated)

Cable Structures

Seismically Isolated Buildings

Homework No.1: You have to pick one of the listed topics given above and prepare a ppt presentation.

You will present this homework in class on May 26th, 2021. You will be allowed 15 minutes (12 minutes for presentation+3 minutes for discussion) for your presentation.


Homework No.2: Choose a well-known building/bridge (existing, retrofitted, designed, under construction, or new building etc.). Investigate the structural system of the building/bridge you have chosen. Prepare a structural report (point out soil properties, foundation system, framing system, structural materials used, details, dimensions, seismicity of region, wind effects, load transfer etc). Your report shall be max. 5 pages (A4).

Use your own explanations! 


Due date: Final Exam day.