1996 Ph.D. Structural Engineering, Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkey

1990 M.S. Structural Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
1987 B.S. Civil Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey



2001-2003 Research Scientist, State University of New York  (SUNY) at Buffalo

Multi Disciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER)



  • Structural Engineering

  • Earthquake Engineering

  • Analysis and Design of Steel and Reinforced Concrete (RC) Structures

  • Seismic Retrofit of Existing Buildings and Bridges

  • Seismic Energy Dissipation Systems (Dampers and Base Isolation Systems)

  • Buckling Restrained Braces (BRBs)

  • Large Scale Testing

  • Rehabilitation of Historical Timber and Masonry Buildings and Bridges

  • Structural Use of Advanced Composites (CFRP, GFRP)

  • Structural Facade Engineering



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Journal Papers 


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Most Cited

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Recent Conference Papers

  • Celiker, E.Y., Celik, O.C. (2020) Proposed Design Procedure for Full-Scale Structural Testing of Flat Cable Net Facades, Facade Tectonics World Congress, March 25-26, LA, USA (accepted).

  • Inanaga, S., Atasever, K., Takeuchi, T., and Celik, O.C. (2019) Numerical Study on Buckling Restrained Braces with Post-Tensioned Cable, AIJ Annual Convention, Japan (in Japanese).

  • Saingam, P., Takeuchi, T., Sutcu, F., and Celik, O.C. (2019) Seismic Retrofit Method for RC Buildings using Various Dampers with Elastic Steel Frames, 12th Pacific Structural Steel Conference (PSSC), Tokyo, Japan, 9-11 November, 2019.

  • Sunar Bukulmez, P., Celik, O.C. (2019) Pre and Post-Fire Mechanical Properties of Structural Steel and Concrete in Steel-Concrete Composite Cellular Beams, CESPBP2019-Central European Symposium on Building Physics, 2-5 September, Prague.

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